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The Nathanson Brothers Team is one of the leading residential real estate groups in the area. The multi-lingual team (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) offers an unmatched degree of personalized service and complete computer facilities. Dan and Michael Nathanson, were raised in Sharon, Massachusetts, and relocated to the area for all of the reasons cited on the “About South Florida” page. Prior to being in real estate, they were each in the restaurant industry, having performed pretty much every position available, including, cook, server, bartender, trainer, and manager, so customer service has been part of their lives for quite a long time.

Dan graduated from Suffolk University, in Boston, with a degree in business management and sociology. Michael graduated from Bridgewater College, in Bridgewater, with a degree in business management. Michael has a wife, Lidia, and two sons, Michael Jr., and Jacob. When they’re not selling real estate, in addition to spending time together with their family, they enjoy playing basketball together and anything and everything else that the South Florida lifestyle has to offer!

Since relocating to Florida, they have been a prominent force in both the community and the real estate industry for years. Armed with this intimate knowledge of South Florida, The Nathanson Brothers have assembled a first-rate team of professionals with years of individual experience and positions of standing in the local communities to complement their team.

We believe that customers always come first, that every business relationship must be win-win, that integrity, doing the right thing, is ALWAYS the right answer and that relationships are built on trust.

We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals. We use an intelligent combination of the latest technology and specialized marketing techniques to reach the widest relevant audience, so that our clients can buy and/or sell their home for the best price, in their desired timeframe, and with the least inconvenience possible.

The Nathanson Brothers Team utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to meet your expectations. However, more importantly, we listen, and that means that we find solutions that are tailored to you.

The Nathanson Brothers are also Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE), who can help you avoid a credit-destroying foreclosure. Through extensive and ongoing education, the Nathanson Brothers have earned the CDPE Designation, and have dedicated their time and effort to understanding the issues distressed homeowners are dealing with. They understand the full range of solutions and are ready to help.

A consistent record of excellence in one of the most discriminating and selective communities in the world is the pride of The Nathanson Brothers. This record is maintained by providing the service and commitment our clients demand…and deserve.

A Full Service Real Estate Company
From efficiency condominiums to luxury mansions, land, investments, referrals…buying or selling…we can help with all of your real estate needs. As you can imagine, we may work with a CEO who purchases an expensive home. Because she was so happy with our service, she connects us with a mid-level manager that she’s hiring for her company who needs to buy a more modest home. She may connect us with her parents who want to downsize and sell a home, then buy a home that’s smaller and more manageable. She might also ask for our help, when it’s time for her child to purchase their first condo. As you can see, we can help with any of your real estate needs…just let us know how we can help!

It is our reputation for outstanding personal service that we depend on, and so can you. Our first responsibility is to our clients and customers. We work for you, and provide the most complete individualized and discreet service available.

With more than twenty years experience, our full time, multi-lingual staff of Real Estate professionals is dedicated to serving you. We are fully prepared to assist you with all aspects of the Real Estate business.

Our marketing is strictly customized. We will do a thorough analysis to determine market value and the best selling strategies for your property. Known for the effectiveness of our marketing, locally, nationally, and internationally, we have expanded our South Florida market through the exclusive relationships we maintain with many of the other top real estate agents around the globe.

One great benefit of working with our team to sell your home, is that because of something unique we do when we list a property for sale, that the vast majority of other Realtors don’t do, and, because of our proven 8-step selling system, it’s not uncommon for our listings to get multiple showings, receive multiple offers, and sell ABOVE the asking price! Even in this market…AND…we get similar results with regularity!

We received the following email from an agent that brought the Buyer for one of our listings that recently closed. BTW…it sold for 98.5% of the asking price in less than a month! (The only reason that there was a discount, was due to a credit given for an inspection issue, rather than the Seller make the repair.) “I just wanted to say thank you & congrats again for your awesome work on this transaction. It’s refreshing to work with people as enthusiastic as you. Your work ethic is quite impressive & inspiring. Best of luck to you. I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again in the future.”

We work hard to cultivate and maintain great relationships with the other agents in our marketplace, so they know that The Nathanson Brothers Team will be a pleasure to work with. Who do you know that would like to be represented by us?

House in Boca Raton 2As a member of the local Multiple Listing System, we have instant access to all properties currently on the market. You will find us excellent listeners, able to translate the needs of our customers and clients into the right home in the right location. Because we listen so well, we typically only show 4 or 5 homes before we find the right home for our customers and clients. We are also creative problem solvers, and through our excellent contacts at local lending institutions and with others in the real estate community, we can streamline the process from your first visit to your closing day.

A benefit of working with our team to buy a home is that because of something unique we do when we present our Buyers’ offers, that the vast majority of other Realtors don’t do, we are regularly able to get our Clients’ offers accepted in multiple offer situations…AND…this isn’t an uncommon occurrence for our Clients…it happens quite often! We’ve even had OUR Client’s offers accepted, when it wasn’t the highest price and best terms, simply because of this unique thing that we do!

We received the following email from the agent for a Seller of a home that we submitted an offer on for one of our Buyer Clients. “This will confirm that I am in receipt of the offer. The presentation of the offer exceeds any offer in recent memory, and I have been practicing for 23 years.” Our offer packages stand out above the crowd…they get noticed, and more importantly, they get accepted!

Who do you know that would like their offer for a new home to stand out amongst all the others, and more importantly, get accepted?

What we do for you is invest our time consulting, negotiating, and organizing the details of your transaction, because you want to have a superb experience that causes you to want to introduce us to the people you care about most. Not because you feel obligated. Because you truly believe that they will benefit.

The purpose of our business is referral, which means that we must bring the type of value that makes you feel comfortable enough to introduce us to the people you know that need our help.

After all, a referral is sending someone you care about to someone you trust.

Our Belief System In Action…WI4C2TS (pronounced “why four see two tease”)

W – Win-Win… Or no deal
I – Integrity… Do the right thing
C – Customers… Always come first
C – Commitment… In all things
C – Communication… Seek first to understand
C – Creativity… Ideas before results
T – Teamwork… Together Everyone Achieves More
T – Trust… Starts with honesty
S – Success… Results through people

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